Greed is the root cause of all social evils. When human desires exceed the simple survival needs, corruption penetrates. As if population, poverty, illiteracy, brain drain was not enough, we have corruption impregnating into every aspect of our lives.

Education is the only weapon that can be used to curtail corruption. Students, these days, relate education to success and profit but the real worth of education would be to enable them to think beyond these self centered aspects. Education can create awareness about corruption so that students emerge not only successful but also as people with strong moral courage. It is not only about accumulating knowledge. It is also about imparting ethical values and behavior so as to encourage individuals to involve in measures to combat corruption. Humane principles need to survive and make life sustainable.

It is also important to be compassionate. All of us must think of other before embarking upon any activity, of our life.

Hope, younger generation and the parents at large, start thinking seriously over the matter.

S.M. Joshi


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