10th CBSE Class X Result (2023)

MODERN SCHOOL Excels in CBSE Class X Result (2023)

Std. X students of Modern School, Koradi Road, Nagpur have shown stupendous performance in the AISSCE Exam 2022-23. In this year, the school proved its spirit and excellence with an outstanding result. Out of  216  students who appeared for the Exam,  58  students scored 90% marks and above.

The I position has been shared by Rudool Waghdhare and Siddhi Bambal with 98.4%.

The II position has been shared by Aditya Raut and Utkarsh Suryavanshi with 96.8%.

The III position is secured by Arya Shrivastava with 96.6%.

The school’s 100% result is the testimony of its commitment to excellence.

Under the skill hub scheme, Modern School offers various skill courses. As per the CBSE Circular, if a student studies three compulsory subject (Science, Maths and Social Science) and also chooses to study a skill subject (offered as sixth optional subject) then the aggregate of best five including two languages and the best three subjects (from subject 3, 4, 5 and 6 including skill subject) can be considered for calculation of percentage.

Under this scheme, our students have benefitted by enhancing their overall percentage.

Subject wise toppers are:

Subject Name Marks
English Hitashi Matey 99
Sanskrit Soham Jain 100
Siddhi Bambal 100
Marathi Rudool Waghdhare 99
Aditya Raut 99
Hindi Swarali Gadge 95
Parv Jain 95
Divyansh Thakre 95
Dimple Yawale 95
Om Dubey 95
Mathematics Siddhi Bambal 100
Swarali Gadge 100
Science Parv Jain 98
Social Science Siddhi Bambal 99
Aditya Raut 99
Lavanya Jodh 99
Information Technology Rudool Waghdhare 100
Siddhi Bambal 100
Parv Jain 100
Anish Kashikar 100
Manav Vanjani 100
Divyansh Thakre 100
Gargi Kadoo 100
Dimple Yawale 100
Shreeya Samdariya 100

No. of students who scored above 90% subject wise:

Subject Total number of students
English 40
Sanskrit 50
Hindi 19
Marathi 10
Mathematics 45
Science 44
Social Science 58
Information Technology 75


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